Sunday, April 12, 2020


Recently I saw an advertisement of a prominent insurance company, stating that insurance is the basic need of human beings along with food, clothing and shelter - " Roti , kapada, makaan and insurance". Such a strong and direct statement is really very much effective as an advertisement, which also leads us to the  next question - what really is a basic need ?

The famous statement " Roti , kapada and makaan" that is food , clothing and shelter explains our basic needs to stay alive ( besides other immediate needs like oxygen and sleep). It is enough to ' keep us alive' , but is it really enough for us to 'feel alive'? 

We definitely need something more to feel alive and keep going in our lives -  some ' purpose of life'. A person without a purpose is nothing more than any other animal. It is true that staying alive is the biological purpose of human beings as any other animal, though it is not enough to add meaning to our lives. 

Be it as simple as taking care of kids, making money, success in business and career, social work, helping poor, science , art , literature,…...the list is neverending. Or more complex like seeking spiritual space, understanding the true nature of consciousness, soul and universe. Everyone is having some purpose in life. Though they call it by different terms like purpose, reason or  goal in life. In fact many are unaware of their purpose of life, and don't know the reason which is driving their life.

Some may argue that they don't have any purpose in life and just want to live life as it is. But living life as it is ,moment by moment without analysing itself is a great purpose to live.

There is a beautiful Japanese word ' ikigai' , literally meaning ' reason for being'. The concept refers to having a purpose or direction in life which makes one's life meaningful. It actually explains spontaneous and willing steps to achieve satisfaction and purpose of life. It is believed that it is one of the important factors for longevity and efficiency of Japanese people. It is actually finding answers to four questions, 

1. What do I love?
2. What am I good at ?
3. What can I be paid for ?
4 . What does the world need?

Though finding answers to these questions is not that easy, just being aware of the concept and taking spontaneous and willing steps to find out the answers will definitely be helpful for many of us. Especially the teenager and young people, who are just starting to explore their opportunities. 

Many of us ( in fact most of us) are spending most of our time on the things which we don't want to do , probably out of  compulsion or due to inability to identify the things that we actually like. There is good news that now is the time when defination of success is changing and people are actually thinking for what they really want rather than the wealth, fame and money. Ours is the generation which has the largest number of such people. Few decades back the world was a mess with so called industrial revolution, rat race for never ending success and miseries of war. They still persist but not in the same intensity that we had in previous centuries. We can hope that this change in human thinking is part of our evolution and it will lead us to a better world in future times.

Now is time for us to step back , pause for a while , understand this basic need - purpose of life, find out our 'Ikigai' and then give a full hearted try for life. 


  1. Excellent! What a wonderful thought for everyone to seek their 'Ikigai' while in lockdown and 'live' for it every moment afterwards. Thank you for planting beautiful concepts through all your articles.

  2. Chandrakant jadhavApril 14, 2020 at 6:59 AM

    Good explanation of finding "WHY" .
    we all should pursue our Ikigai

  3. Excellent one !!
    Keep allowing your pen to flow mindblowing thoughts and great readings for us. 👍🙏