Tuesday, March 24, 2020

ZERO - The ultimate stress buster.

I still remember the day , when I learnt addition in my early school days. I was five then and I was so excited and amused with the phenomenon that I wanted to do more and more additions. When I asked for more assignments for homework, my teacher smiled and said " go slow boy, finish only ten problems today". But I wanted more. Then he said me a wonderful thing " go home and add all the numbers in the world" 

I could not do it at that point of time but as I grew up I got the answer - it's ZERO. We have equal negative numbers for all positive numbers and infinity at both the ends . Addition of all the numbers is ultimately ZERO.

It is also the same for all the forms of energies around us. Theoretically if we add all the energies the sum is ZERO. 

Well it is applicable to our body and mind also. We have lots of enthusiasm, joy and aggressive energy on positive side that keeps us working throughout days , chase our dreams , flourish in our career. Similarly depression , sorrow and negative emotions on the other side that keep us dragging. 

Though the positive side sounds good , there is a trick here. When our expectations are not fulfilled it brings us on other side with equal force. It's like a pendulum. While zero is the mean point where we are absolutely at peace. Extremes of both the sides are not good for our mental health. On one side is maniac state and other side depression. There are medical theories of neurochemical abnormalities and organic brain lesions for these mental states. 

Throughout our lives we keep wobbling along this path of negativity and positivity crossing the zero state. Practically we are at this state of zero when in deep sleep or deep meditation, which is apparently most peaceful state and absolute stress buster. People who have learnt this trick of zero can understand their position along this path weather positive or negative, they accept it and have ability to move towards the Zero state. Though for most of us its difficult to apply it practically. We can still try by recognising and accepting state of our mind and trying to bring it back  to the Zero state with the help of our efforts and people around us.

My six year old son always keep complaining why many things and technologies were invented in western world. He stopped complaining after I told him that zero was invented in india and interesting facts about zero. 

So next time when we tell our kids anything about zero, let them understand it is not the looser in the great game of the numbers. Let them underdtand Mr Hero is good but Mr Zero is also cool and it takes lot of efforts to be Mr zero. Also tell them Zero is one of the most important invention till now. 

Since then ZERO - " the nothing"  is my ultimate stress buster.


  1. Amazing! How well can you write with simple words on simple subjects with deeper thoughts behind the whole article.
    Thank you for such spiritual inputs in our daily lives.
    So proud of you! Keep writing..

  2. Mathematics is fascinating,your above discussion adds lot of funa Nd learning to it, thank you so much

  3. Nice, i like that zero is the mean point where we are absolutely at peace. That's true and all indians are proud because zero is given by indian to whole world.

  4. Wow, truly awesome !!!
    Very simple and straight forward, anyone can relate this article. The timing of this is too good man, it will help me to stay calm and cool ��

  5. Such a meaningful article yet so much easy to understand!!
    Being looser is not bad - very important to incultate this in our children
    Keep Calm - so much needed by world at this point of time...
    Great article!