Thursday, March 19, 2020


There are different perspectives of corona virus epidemic which is causing chaos around the world. For me it is the 'CLASH OF THE MOST COMPLEX AND EVOLVED LIFE FORM WITH THE MOST SIMPLE AND PRIMITIVE ONE.'

Viruses are thought to be one of the most primitive and simple life forms. In fact some researchers  believe viruses are on the borderline of living and non living things. They carry properties of both living and non living things. Basically a virus is nothing but few strands of DNA or RNA contained in a protien capsule. They don't have cellular mechanism like other living cells to reproduce. They use host cells to replicate the DNA when they are in the host body. Outside the host they are like non living thing , a tiny speck of protien with DNA inside, which is unable to move or replicate. In simple terms , they are like any other non living things when they are outside the body of host and act as living thing when inside the host body.

On the contrary human beings are the most complex and evolved life forms on the earth. We have most complex mechanisms and specific systems for different body functions.

As evolution progressed, rest of the living cells and our body have become more complex and specialised. But viruses are becoming more simpler or remained as it is through out the time.

Due to this crisis, bubble of our illusion of being most powerful species on earth is bursted. Somehow down the line our lives are busy chasing wealth and so called economic prosperity ,many of us have forgotten the basic nature of our species. We are nothing but a small part of enourmous and complicated chain of nature. Our grandeur ideas of controlling everything around us are not going to work. Our tendency to destroy other forms of life and moving fast forward may work in short run but if we as a species want to survive in the longer run it will not work. We have to respect all other forms of life and go ahead may be little slowly.

Many are blaming some particular community for eating all kind of animal and birds, some are cursing corona, some are claiming it is punishment by God for our sins. For me it is nothing but the simplest form of life trying to replicate using the most evolved life machine.

 Now this particular virus is going to be around for time being till conditions are favourable for it.  I am confident that we will be able to win this battle with our intelligence, determination, fighting spirit and will power as we have done in past. There will be vaccine or cure in near future. What we also need is the compassion and empathy towards our fellow humans & all other forms of life and respect for nature.


  1. Well written. It showed different perspective.

  2. A totally different perspective to look at the crisis we are facing. Very well written! Will wait for your next article.

  3. Very well articulated Anand !! 👌👍
    We have 100% faith that we will fight back, there will be cure or vaccine soon. I liked your different perspective towards this subject particularly at this time when majority of our system is in Panic mode.
    We trust the human intelligence and will respect Nature.
    Keep spreading your thoughts and knowledge with all of us, will wait for your next blog. Thank you.

  4. Very well written anand, it's true that human forgotten that he is part of biological chain and respect to other entity of nature. Your article simplify about what virus is for common people.
    Keep writing.

  5. The real picture articulated very well in words

  6. Well thought & at present time its true that people are moving forward way too fast & as u said we will fight this as many viruses came in past & still dont have a vaccine for them ,even a simple flu dont have proper vaccine till date . So we will have to be helping , kind & intelligent enough to self qurantine ourselves at least 10-15 days . very well thought & penned sir

  7. Agree to your words Dr Anand.A good account of wisdom a simple for of life trying to replicate on greater life form,We all do that in our daily lives so this time the victim is humans.I remember the dialogue of jurasic park that "Life will always find a way to prevail,you can't control life".We will again emerge as stronger then before with a price tag, Embrace for impact

  8. That is the point at which we intensify our sicknesses as when absent a lot of proof we transform a typical cold into the feared covid-19 contamination.HOCL solutions